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NLFR's 2022 Operational Budget

Commissioners - $39K

Compensation, Travel, Education, Association Dues, Election Costs

Administrative Employee Wages - $231K

Part-time Chief - $70K

Part-time Deputy Chief - $63K

Part-time Admin. Assistant - $36K

Taxes/Benefits - $62K

Administrative Volunteer Costs - $170K

Volunteer Stipends, Taxes/Benefits, Disability, Pension, Accident/Health Insurance, Physicals, Background Checks

Administration/Office Operating costs - $107K

Software, Legal Counsel, Office Equipment, Outside Professional Services, State Audit, Cell Service, Insurance, Property Tax, Administrative Education, Association Dues

Fire Suppression - $108K

Supplies, Uniforms, Air Packs, Equipment, Hoses/Nozzles, Protective Equipment (Bunker Gear),

Maintenance/Repair, Contingency, New Firefighter Hiring Expenses

Emergency Medical Services - $34K

Equipment/Supplies, Personal Protective Equipment, Outside Professional Services (Calibration/ Servicing), Training, Contingency

Facilities - $45K

Maintenance/Repair, Furniture, Utilities, Telephone, Contingency

Vehicles - $45K

Fuel, Maintenance/Repair, Contingency, Tires

Suppression and EMS Training - $17K

Supplies, Equipment, Classes/Seminars, Outside Instructors

Community Education, Outreach, Liaison - $8K

Communications/Radios - $12K

Capital Expenditures - $10K

Any yearend balance goes into the Reserve funds for Apparatus Replacement Plan.

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