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"Ask the Chief" - Facebook questions


Resident Volunteer (RV) stay at the station at night. We have 2. They work shifts during the week and an occasional weekend and are available at night a minimum of 15 nights a month.

Shift Volunteers (SV) work one day a week each week on weekdays or they take one Sat./Sunday shift per month. We have 7 SVs.

Community Volunteers (CV) live in the community and are available to respond according to their schedules.

We have varying qualifications for our volunteers.

  • Some of our volunteers are trained only as EMS providers (EMT’s and Paramedics).

  • Some are EMS and Support Volunteers – The Support Volunteers drive our apparatus and are trained to be pump operators for our tenders and engines and can fight fire from outside of the structure.

  • A few are interested in being trained as interior firefighters and wildland firefighters but are not interested in being EMS providers.

  • Some are trained in all of the qualifications.

NLFR has two stations. Station 1 is at 9324 N. Starr. This station is the only one that has the administration, RVs, and SVs. Station 2 is at 16108 N. West Newman Lake Dr., and it houses apparatus only. CVs respond to that station from their homes. We have only 3 CVs who live on the north side of the lake. All other responding volunteers come from further south of station 2.


How many firefighters do we have that are trained to go into a house fire and rescue a person inside?

o Of the 13 Community Volunteers 5 are trained to be interior firefighters.

o Of the 7 Resident or Shift Volunteers 5 are trained.

o The Deputy Chief is trained but the Chief has “aged out”.

How many ffs also hold full time jobs at other careers and may not be available to perform the rescue?

o 3 of the 5 CVs have full-time jobs outside of the community.

o All of the RV/SV work outside of the community.

How many employees are full-time?

o NLFR has no full-time firefighters.

o The Chief, Deputy Chief, and Admin. Assistant are all part-time.

o When the two Chiefs retire, they will need to be replaced with Chiefs with a a full-time schedule due to workload.

o The Chief retires in a year and the DC in approx. 2.

What skills does one need to volunteer?

o Over 18, have had a driver’s license for at least 2 years with a good driving record, has a clean background check, is a non-drug user (even marijuana), is vaccinated for COVID-19, has the ability to learn, works well with others, and has integrity. These are the top qualities all of which has disqualified a candidate or has caused a firefighter to lose their position at NLFR.

How many hours does it take to become trained as a firefighter? Does NL require the qualification of Firefighter 1?

o The initial hours for a recruit academy at NLFR are 18-20 hours of classroom (6 Thursday nights), and 48 hours of hands-on training (6 Saturdays).

o Task books take approximately 30 hours at the student’s pace. (2-month deadline to accomplish).

o Our firefighters are not required to get their FF1 qualification.

What is the ideal number of firefighters?

o For the weekday shifts it would be beneficial to have the following:

  • 2 full-time Chiefs – we don’t have this.

  • 2 full-time firefighters – we don’t have this.

  • 2 Shift Volunteers M-F 8:00-6:00 – we don’t have this consistent staffing.

o We need 3 more Resident Volunteers to have the full complement of 5 RVs.

o We need 12 Shift Volunteers for weekday and weekend shifts.

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