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Program Overview

This unpaid internship is designed to help transition candidates into a career in the fire service. This will be a hands-on learning environment to build the skills to effectively respond to emergency situations. Interns are expected to perform, at a minimum, the equivalent of 24-hour shift time per month.

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Qualifications / Requirements

o High School Diploma or GED

o 18 years of age

o Valid Driver's License

o Must be in a related field of study at a college, university or tech school

o COVID 19 Vaccination

o 24-hour shift/month - This requirement can be attained in many different combinations and does not have to be completed all at once.

o Minimum 75% of all Department Trainings (Thursday evenings 1900-2130 each week and some Saturday evolutions will be scheduled)

Learning Opportunities:

o Principles of firefighting

o Modern firefighting techniques

o Search and rescue

o Hydraulic Ventilation

o Pump Operations

o Hazardous materials awareness

o Wildland Certifications

o Emergency medical practices

o BLS Card

o EMT Skills Class

o Interviews Skills



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