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Spokane County Fire District 13
Deb and Spencer Davis
25416 E Moffat Rd
Newman Lake, WA 99025

January 15, 2013

One morning last May, Spencer’s heart was so irregular it was stopping completely. I didn’t know what was going on at the time, but I knew he needed immediate help. I called 911 and a few moments later heard the sirens heading our way – what a relief! I could assure Spence help would be there soon. And opening the door to Chief Keith and Deputy Toni, who we know well, made me realize we were in good hands. They quickly assessed the
situation and got him transferred to the hospital.
By the end of the day, Spence had a pace maker. 

We are so grateful we had such speedy help that morning. Even though it was paid responders who
helped us that morning, it is amazing to think that our neighbors volunteer to provide this critical assistance to us.

Deb Davis
January 13, 2013

I have had a long bout with heart disease, 19 years, that culminated in a 911 call on July 4, 2011.  

I was completely out of breath, in heart failure. The Newman Lake EMTs arrived, immediately started oxygen and called in a Medstar helicopter. The
EMTs transported me to the designated landing area about 1 mile from my home. I was transported to Sacred Heart Medical center where a team was
able to stabilize me. The happy ending occurred in December 2011 with a new heart. I now walk golf courses and downhill ski.

What would have happened with no emergency medical services? At least a 20 minute extra wait for oxygen until an ambulance arrived. Most likely mass confusion in trying to explain to Medstar where to land meaning an extra 30 minute ride to the hospital.

In those 50 precious minutes I would have most certainly died. I had already received 6 attempted therapies from my internal defibrillator and the very
fact that they could stabilize me earlier probably meant the difference between life and death.

What also should be known is our team in Newman Lake is now capable of providing enhanced oxygen therapies with the new equipment recently
purchased meaning future heart failure calls can be handled on a significantly improved basis.

Stop and think what 20 minutes can buy in the case of car accidents, home falls, heart attacks, boating accidents, strokes, home accidents.

Tom Haugh
P.O. Box 43
Newman Lake, WA. 99025
January 10, 2013

They say there is a beginning to every story, and ours began on Thursday, February 2nd, 2011. It was a quiet morning that turned into a blur. My
husband Tom, was having what I thought to be a normal morning when suddenly he came out of the bathroom grabbing the wall and stating that he
felt really dizzy. I managed to get behind him and lower him to the floor, he was unconscious. I left him for a second as I ran for the remote phone to make that dreaded call to 911. With my adrenaline rushing I found myself able to answer all the questions asked of me by the 911 dispatch person. Within just a few minutes the EMS from Newman Lake were at my door and rushing in to help Tom. Having lived in the Newman Lake Community for more than 25 years and because I am a member of the Newman Lake Fire Auxiliary I am well
acquainted with our local volunteer EMS people and that alone was a great comfort.

My home is down a very steep driveway and my fear was always that an emergency would happen in the Winter time, and here we were facing that
scenario. It should have come to no surprise that the EMS personnel are well trained to reach people in very remote living situations and because of that
they knew just what to do. They drove down as far as our shop and then carried their gear the rest of the way on foot. Once reaching Tom they moved
quickly and confidently as they began to treat him and make him more stable. They were all very professional while at the same time giving me great
reassurance that they had everything under control. Within a few minutes Tom was much more alert to his surroundings and he was able to verbally
answer all questions. Tom was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and I followed right behind, being driven by one of the fire fighters.

Our story ended well and for that we are grateful. To have an emergency that directly involves someone you love, it becomes personal, and you are made to
realize the great importance of having such highly trained and very dedicated EMS personnel in the Newman Lake Community.

Kathleen Rulffes