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About Newman Lake Fire & Rescue
Spokane County Fire District 13
Chief Keith Yamane
Deputy Chief Kim Stanley

Newman Lake Fire & Rescue began in 1949 when citizens of the community had to watch the Woehrle home burn due to the lack of water to extinguish the flames. A meeting was organized after that and a fund was established to begin a fire department, the Tri-Community Grange became a sponsor. By late 1951, $2,000 had been raised to purchase a fire truck. The first fire apparatus was a 1941 Ford Pumper with a 500 gallon tank purchased from Spokane Valley Fire District #1.  
Volunteer labor (over 200 man hours) built the first fire station at Cherokee Landing. The station contained a bell, siren and small wood stove.  

From 1952 until 1958 the fire district was supported by donations of time and money from residents of the community.  

In August of 1958 Newman Lake Fire & Rescue was dissolved and the new tax supported Spokane County Fire District #13 was officially formed. Fire helmets were obtained from the Civil Defense to be distributed to the volunteers and 9 volunteers attended fire training offered by the Civil Defense. A 1949 Dodge Power Wagon with a 300 gallon tank was purchased for $1505.  

In 2015 the community supported a bond that allowed the department to build a new fire station. Today Spokane County Fire District #13 (Newman Lake Fire & Rescue) operates out of two (2) stations with 8 fire apparatus and a fire boat.

Newman Lake responders are dispatched by an enhanced 911 system. The fire dispatch center sends out a page to our volunteers. Available volunteers respond, leaving their families or jobs to come to your aid. Many of our EMTs respond directly to your home for medical emergencies while others bring support vehicles from the stations. We are continually looking for new volunteers to help ensure the best coverage. We also have mutual aid agreements with fire districts in Spokane County and Kootenai County.

In addition to structural firefighting, wild land firefighting and basic life support for medical emergencies, several of our volunteers have taken the extra training needed to provide our community with advanced qualified EMTs, rope, water and ice rescue, vehicle extrication, and hazardous materials response. 

Due to training, personal choice, or physical limitations, several of our volunteers are not interior firefighters. The non-interior firefighters are extremely valuable to the department as they serve as pump operators, tender drivers, EMS personnel, wild land firefighters and support staff.

2017 Responders of the Year -- Jim Stevenson and Carleen VanDerostyne 
2017 Volunteer of the Year - Kelli Lemley
2018 Responder of the Year - Carleen VanDerostyne
2018 Volunteer of the Year - Michael Garrison Stuber